Become a doula

Becoming a doula is more than just attending a few births. This career takes compassion, respect, love, and support. But it also requires business and marketing skills, and a desire to learn about birth, pregnancy, labor interventions, medical terminology and postpartum care. A passion for evidence-based care and the ability to care for and support a mother even during the long, hard labor that is ahead of her.

Training with Genesis Birth Co. will give you a solid foundation on your road to becoming a successful labor & postpartum doula.

Our workshops are designed with a variety of learning styles and intensive hands-on learning. Training workshops are two days with hands-on massage, breathing techniques, role playing and more! Topics covered in the workshop include:

  • Hands-on Relaxation Techniques
  • Understanding Labor Patterns
  • Hands-On Massage Training
  • Position Practices
  • Understanding Complications & Medical interventions
  • Breastfeeding Basics
  • Hands-on Reflexology Training
  • Rebozo Practice
  • And more!
Genesis Birth Company

Genesis Birth Co. also offers an Advanced Doula Training Workshop to give you a step up as you begin you doula journey. Advanced Training topics include:

  • Hands-on Bengkung Belly Binding Training
  • Hands-on Placenta Encapsulation Training
  • Advanced Rebozo and Ideal Baby Positioning Techniques
  • Business Training

In addition, as a Genesis Birth Co. Doula Graduate, you will have the opportunity to join our agency. You will also be invited and encouraged to attend our continuing education classes that include topics like: how to build your social media, starting out your business, etc. These classes will be offered throughout the year for you to remain certified through Genesis Birth Co.

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime! You’ll leave Genesis Birth Company’s Doula Training Workshop with confidence to begin living your dream, and the skills to become successful!

Why certify with Genesis Birth Co. Doula Agency?

Genesis Birth Co. offers thorough, complete, hands-on training. Our certification insures that you have practiced the techniques you will use at each birth. Achieving GBC certification is something you can be proud and confident of!

Genesis Birth Co., is not only a training, certifying organization, but a community of Doulas that supports, encourages and respects one another. Also, GBC offers continuing education classes throughout the year to keep you up to date on what is new in the birth world. We will offer hands-on business classes, new technique trainings and we will walk with you through your journey to becoming the best doula you can become.

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Questions to Consider When Choosing a Doula Training

Absolutely not! Doulas are not medical providers. We are not trained to check blood pressure, cervical checks, fetal heart tones etc. We are purely for the support and encouragement of the birthing family.

Definitely! Look for a workshop that best suits you. Find trainers that will work with you and help you through your journey of becoming a doula. Our workshops are never boring — we always encourage questions and offer hands-on practice with role playing and open discussions!

In short, No. You want to find the BEST training for YOU. This is a new career for you, you want to be adequately trained, the best way you see fit, and the learn the way you learn best!

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